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Big Blue & Friends

A vast collection of food containers, each named and rated based on its merits and shortfalls.

Food containers can be… annoying. They tumble out of the cupboard with mis-matching lids and they’re often stained, cracked or warped over time, but we can find it difficult to dispose with or replace them due to the niggling guilt of the environmental impact.

This book uses an everyday domestic object like food containers in a surreal and humorous way. The lids of the containers were scanned using a standard photocopier-scanner and the book pages printed using one of the same machines.

The ratings are taken seriously, and this is paired with the conventional form of a traditional-looking book. The grey hue of the scans and the murky old takeaway containers is joyfully met with the cropped bursts of colour throughout the personal collection.


Standard 80gsm photocopier paper, hand-bound into a hardback book with embossed cover. 
21.5 x 30 x 1 cm

Big Blue & Friends front.jpg
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