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34 Temporarily Floor-Residing Objects

A walkthrough of the floors of my own home over 7 days, documenting what was found and illustrated through monoprint.

It’s a long list (34), divided by room. Each page reveals a new object that doesn’t need to be here on the floor, yet it is.


Do the 34 objects stay where they were found or were they dealt with after being documented? Whose things are they? You see the feet of the individual doing the documenting throughout the book, but the nature of them being observed might

suggest that they’re not the one who put them there. Yet, the mix of floor-residing objects doesn’t have a clear culprit – boxers, cat toys, hair towels.

Is this book an elaborate and time-consuming way to make a point? Or, an inconvenient realisation that we all make a mess. Either way, this book is about the never-ending chore of tidying up.

Mono-printed illustrations on wallpaper, Japanese bound into a hardback book with debossed cover.
20 x 9.5 x 2 cm

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